Mobile Viable EM application

Cleantrol is a risk based environmental monitoring solution manage sampling of controlled environments for  viable air viable particulates as well as surface viables, allows for assessment of effectiveness of cleaning/disinfection. allows for identification of trends and facilitate early detection of potential problems. Cleantrol manages and automates EM data in a daily interactive calendar and workload manner to facilitate EM automation. Simultaneous qualification of process capabilities and Integral handling of deviations and related tasks. 


Challenge & Solution

The FDA believes manual systems of environmental monitoring (EM) have large inherent operational risks, therefore they are difficult to validate, if it isn't documented, it wasn't done and if it wasn't done using an appropriate process, it wasn't done properly. Computer trending for pattern recognition is the most efficient and effective way to handle such large quantities of data. Rick Friedman
Cleantrol a newly configured solution developed to handle environmental monitoring of controlled pharmaceutical areas. 


Cleantrolâ„¢ is one solution for multiple integrated and dynamic functions plotted in various metaphors,


Achieving GXP, GAMP5, & FDA requirements and Comply with multiple sets of regulations agencies. 

Sample management

The quality of the laboratory work is only as good as the quality of the samples it uses for testing. 

Visual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your information in graphical manner.

Qualification Protocols

Cleantrol Supports creating all area qualification and re-qualification protocols .

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