Operational Risk Management System

Companies are facing challenges from every angle to ensure they are competitive and compliant. The need for an automated Business Process Management program – one that provides visibility across all operational areas and combines the functionality of environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) – to identify and manage risk is a necessity.
CORPEX-RM supports over-arching Operational Risk Management (ORM) requirements. ORM and EHS are interrelated. ORM is driven by regulatory requirements (including EHS), and EHS compliance management supports risk management. Managing both programs from the same platform optimizes processes and strengthens organizational objectives.


Operational risk management software identifies, assesses, and addresses operational risks across all departments of a company. This type of software is used to prevent losses that may be caused by different factors such as human behavior, inconsistent processes, or issues related to technology. Companies use operational risk management solutions to define and implement strategies and plans required to streamline the management of operational risks. Compliance officers and managers from all departments of a company use operational risk management tools to share information and collaborate on risk mitigation and avoidance.

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