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Innovative Solution for Viable EM of Controlled environments.

Cleantrol is a risk based environmental monitoring solution manage sampling of controlled environments for  viable air viable particulates as well as surface viables, allows for assessment of effectiveness of cleaning/disinfection. allows for identification of trends and facilitate early detection of potential problems. Cleantrol manages and automates EM data in a daily interactive calendar and workload manner to facilitate EM automation. Simultaneous qualification of process capabilities and Integral handling of deviations and related tasks.

Accelerate your team's work with these workflow automations.

The FDA believes manual systems of environmental monitoring (EM) have large inherent operational risks, therefore they are difficult to validate, if it isn't documented, it wasn't done and if it wasn't done using an appropriate process, it wasn't done properly. Computer trending for pattern recognition is the most efficient and effective way to handle such large quantities of data. Rick Friedman
Cleantrol a newly configured solution developed to handle environmental monitoring of controlled pharmaceutical areas. .


A good EM program is a surveillance system that provides a baseline profile of a manufacturing environment, acts as an early warning system to detect possible environmental contaminants that are out of limits and that may impact the product and promptly identifies the sites in the manufacturing environment at risk of contaminating the product.


The data gathered in a well-designed and executed EM program provide critical information for tracking and trending on a routine basis. Monthly interactive calendar arrange day to day monitoring tasks by access directly into monitoring details,  you can use to track viable count and organize your activities. Cleantrol provides all the functionality required to define and deliver a complete environmental monitoring protocols.


Trending is a very critical tool for evaluating how the facility is performing and affords us the opportunity to manage circumstances when the facility deviates from normal operating parameters. Understanding and interpreting the large volumes of data captured by an environmental monitoring program.  Vanessa Figueroa


Reporting services saves time and reduces costs. Cleantrol, the secure web portal, provides clients access to sample status and results 24/7. Users can download Excel files, Word, PDF documents, final reports, as well as electronic data deliverable. in addition, Samples that have exceeded limits are highlighted.


A dashboard is a toolbox for visualizing trends in large-scale environmental data tool that tracks, analyzes, and displays KPIs, metrics, and critical data points. By providing easy-to-understand visual representations of data, it helps employees make more informed decisions based on that data.


Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity of your field team and Eliminate human error.
Digital transformation from traditional paperwork into electronic collaboration enhances productivity of your field team and eliminate human error.

Improve communication

Improve communication between QA, QC, production, warehouse and top management.
CORPEX-LIMS facilitate digital management and communication timely between QC and all quality associated  departments.

Enable timely decisions

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide. In one platform your organisation can manages product specificatins and quality progress in integrated manner.

Reduce running costs

Reduce your running costs and Eliminate overheads.Cut down on review, approval and delivery times to market for all of your products. Direct communication between all quality associated departments accelerate overall productivity.

Regulatory Complies

Achieving GXP, GAMP5, & FDA requirements and Comply with multiple sets of international regulations agencies.

Document's Management

Automates and effectively manages document control as a core integrated quality suite.


From the sample registration to the final reporting, full laboratory management reporting system.

Access Log & Audit Trail

The security administrator authority possesses the ability to manage roles and user security objects.

Full Validation

Where required, we can provide validation scripts (DQ, IQ & OQ)and documentation for your records.

Data acquisition & Integration

CORPEX-LIMS supports real-time instrument interface and file sharing services. Data integrity allow integration between other firmweres.

Virtual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner.

Performance Measurements

All activities you make are stored, retrieved and analysed to measure performance in a live manner.
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