Quality Laboratory Information Management System

Silver LIMS is an integrated platform designed to streamline the management of raw materials, in-process items, and finished goods throughout the entire production process. This comprehensive system facilitates efficient handling from material registration to final product, ensuring adherence to internal corporate and external regulatory standards. Silver LIMS organizes various quality control laboratory activities, including analysis methods, certificates of analysis, product specifications, annual product reviews, statistical process control, standard materials, and instrument documentation. The system also offers trend analysis, deviation, and investigation services. Notably, Silver LIMS is recognized for its robustness, flexibility, user-friendliness, and ease of implementation. It aligns with international regulations such as FDA, WHO, CDER, ICH, ISO, and CFR 21 Part 11, automating and managing quality control activities.

Effortless manages all lab informations

Eliminate waste of time, Capture, organize, manage and collaborate test execution workflows across
your organization with ease. With features designed to increase productivity while reducing errors.
Silver LIMS lets you manage the sample lifecycle, optimize laboratory execution, perform data retrieval,
interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing.

Samples Management

Organize sample receiving, distribution, tracking and reporting.

Te main function of LIMS is the management of sample receiving, distribution, tracking and reporting. However, SilverLIMS manages all laboratory resources such as instruments, materials, product specifications, suppliers, reagents and material consumption. The sample login process is the first step of the sample life workflow within Silver LIMS. A sample, or a group of samples, is submitted in the database and is assigned with a unique identification.

Data Acquisition

Automated data acquisition standardizes the data you receive.

Because data is the main outcome from a quality control laboratory, the integrity of this data must not be in question and have very specific standards associated with the data generated. As the digitalization of labs continues to expand, organizations generate and collect massive amounts of data. While big data analysis can offer much more insight and information, it requires accurate and substantiated data to have value. Maintaining data integrity and security provides positive lab culture, protects the lab reputation, and drives business growth

Analysis Calculations

Agreement by HPLC
Agreement by UV
Assay by HPLC
Assay by Titration
Assay by UV
Dissolution by HPLC
Dissolution by Titration
Dissolution by UV
Dissolution by Bioassay
Average Weight
Microbial Limits
Sterility Tests

Process Capability

Enhancing instant trending with digital visualization data tools.

Trend analysis in quality management is especially useful for monitoring process changes, particularly for activities indirectly related to manufacturing. Process capability indices play an important role in process control as they assist in deciding the suitability of a manufacturing process to meet the desired quality requirements. In order to achieve high quality with optimum cost, shifting from product control to process control is essential in manufacturing organizations. In a digital transformation with Silver LIMS, neither need for awaiting nor 3rd party software to obtain trending. Silver LIMS capture stored data to visualize trending instantly. Silver LIMS supports instant trending of final results against selected test item within a certain time interval.


An integrated solution that simplifies new product lifecycle.

Robust Laboratory Quality Management Systems (QMS) are essential to achieve and maintain sustainable regulatory compliance in a QC Unit. Quality Management Systems (QMS) are essential to achieve and maintain sustainable regulatory compliance in a QC Unit. Out of Specification (OOS) test results have been a major concern during manufacture of drugs for many decades. Silver LIMS provides instant OOS and Out of Trend (OOT) investigation reporting. All associated laboratory investigations like Root cause analysis (RCA) and Corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) are included.
  • Investigations Log


Innovative solution to manage laboratory storage stock.

Whether you have a designated warehouse or use of integrated laboratory storage, a well-organised inventory will help you optimise the space you have and make the most of your budget. With Silver lims provides monitor consumable levels within the laboratory store to optimize testing, reagent usage and QC practices. Identify process gaps with precision and analyze customer interactions to enable informed decision-making, resource prioritization and tactical execution. Begin by taking note of everything you hold in stock. A digital inventory will allow you to update records and retrieve data easily.

Audit Trail

Enhancing instant trending with digital visualization data tools.

An audit trail is the history of a transaction from its inception to completion, in quality control audit trail is used to verify and track many types of analytical data across lab activities. Maintaining an audit trail is often a regulatory requirement in many regulations.
In CORPEX SilverLIMS audit trail displays in visualized interface that helps inspectors to detect major changes vise various attributes to detect any abnormal changes.

Assets Management

Manage all instruments across the quality control laboratories.

Your lab equipment and instrumentation are probably the single largest investment you have made in your laboratory. Managing that investment should be one of your lab’s highest priorities. A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) offers an excellent way to manage your lab equipment so it continues to run smoothly. you can make sure equipment is always appropriately calibrated, receives the right maintenance, and is properly monitored for performance over time.
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