Water Laboratory Information’s system

Water Laboratory management system facilitates management of water laboratories data and documentation activities such as Methods of analysis (SOPs), Certificate of analysis (COA) and related issues such as infrastructure of water station and use points, Sample point specifications. Annual review, statistical process control and out of specifications and corrective and preventive action are included.


Water Laboratory Information’s System

 No longer will a paper-based notebook and data stored on a researcher's computer suffice. We provide a centralized repository that efficiently gathers data from users, instruments, interfaces and other sources, and makes the information available across the enterprise.


 WaterLIMS™  Raw data is generated by multiple disconnected instruments across the lab, in multiple 
formats. Data is difficult to search, share and access for reporting and reuse. Management and scientists cannot fully
leverage the company’s intellectual property resulting in duplication of effort. In addition, personnel and IT costs are
high managing multiple systems.


Achieving GXP, GAMP5, & FDA requirements and Comply with multiple sets of regulations agencies.

Sample management

The quality of the laboratory work is only as good as the quality of the samples it uses for testing.

Statistical package

WaterLIMS is a a major tool for operational management of laboratorie to ensuring smoother control processes.

Reporting Services

From the sample registration to the final reporting, full laboratory management reporting system.

Lab Inventory Control

Track your reagents, wares, stock supply and offers re-order alerts to reduce costs and improve productivity.

Document Control

Automates and effectively manages document control as a core integrated quality suite, . 

Audit Trail

Viewing the audit trail for quality review in each Sample receipt, work allocation, results entry and approval.

Annual Product Review (APR)

Verify the consistency, trend, changes and compliance of manufacturing processes.

QC Assets Management

Systematic developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.

Performance Measurements

All activities you make are stored, retrieved and analysed to measure performance in a live manner. 

Vendor Qualification

The performance history of your various vendors can be collected, analysed, measured and approved. 

OOS Investigation

WaterLIMS collect and manage effectively the test results which fall outside acceptance criteria  . Learn more...

MS Windows or Web* Based

WaterLIMSruns under MS Windows desktop, *in advanced plan you can request a special web based edition. Learn more...

Virtual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner. Learn more...

User Profile

WaterLIMS provides for each registered user a dedicated profile includes user documents, tasks and requestitions. Learn more...

Security & Authority

The security administrator authority possesses the ability to manage roles and user security objects. Learn more...

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