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Innovative Microbiology Laboratory Solutions.
What is MicroLIMS?

MicroLIMS is an innovative microbiology laboratory solution empowers microbiological examinations like test suitability, growth promotion tests (GPT), Microbiological Limits tests (MLT), Antibiotic bioassay, Sterility tests, Bacterial endotoxins, preservative and disinfectant efficacy test are included. Common laboratory activities like media preparations, reference strains and stock control in addition to assets and instrument logs. Control of samples that out of specifications (OOS) are conducted.
Eliminate waste of time, Capture, organize, manage and collaborate test execution workflows across your organization with ease. With features designed to increase productivity while reducing errors. MicroLIMS lets you manage the sample life-cycle, optimize laboratory execution, perform data retrieval, interface instruments and systems, and enable security and auditing.


The MicroLIMS portfolio empowers laboratories to do what they do best – make a difference. By offering standardized processes, optimized workflows, impactful analytics and streamlined inventory management, laboratories can elevate their performance and improve patient care. When thoughtful automation performs the essential manual tasks within a laboratory, skilled staff can dedicate themselves to the high-value work that elevates healthcare.
Media Preparations
Media Preparations

Microbial culture media preparation is a routine task in the regular detection, count and monitoring of microbial flora in microbiological testing. Microbial culture media preparation is the process of mixing nutrients, agents for buffering and maintaining the osmotic balance, as well as selective inhibitors or indicators to create an agar or broth that supports the growth and the differentiation of microorganisms. MicroLIMS provides recording of all pertaining information for culture media, subculture of Certified Reference Microorganisms (CRMs) and other preparations that support integration of laboratory preparations.

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Growth Promotion Tests
Growth Promotion Tests

The growth promotion test (GPT) is a quality control requirement that confirms the ability of a new batch of media to support growth of a predetermined selection of representative microorganisms. All media used in a cGMP facility should be tested, including media for microbial limits, environmental monitoring and sterility testing. Therefore, Leeuwenbook provides the interaction between pertaining informations of media preparation and associated GPTs to support metrological traceability.

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Suitability Tests
Suitability Tests

The goal of a microbiological method suitability test is to demonstrate that any residual antimicrobial properties of the product or the recovery method have been neutralized using the challenge microorganisms as a kind of biological indicator of neutralization. The method of assessing if neutralization has been successful varies depending on the method employed. The ability of the test to detect microorganisms in the presence of product to be tested must be established (USP 41). Therefore, Whatever a quantitative procedures or qualitative detection methods, MicroLIMS provides integration of pertaining informations of varies suitability protocols. Pertiaining informations like culture media, test organisms and growth conditions should be conducted. MicroLIMS supports direct exporting data and generation of printed document.

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Microbial Limits Tests
Microbial Limits Tests

The microbial limit test (MLT) is performed to assess how many and which of certain viable microorganisms are present in non-sterile pharmaceutical, healthcare or cosmetics manufacturing samples that range from raw materials to finished products. USP tests allow quantitative enumeration of mesophilic bacteria and fungi that may grow under aerobic conditions. MicroLIMS designed primarily to determine whether a substance or preparation complies with an established specification for microbiological quality. MicroLIMS provides integration of pertaining information of total aerobic microbial count (TAMC), Total yeast and mold count, count of bile tolerant gram negative bacteria and tests for pathogenic microorganisms.

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Sterility Tests
Sterility Tests

Sterility testing is a GMP microbiology testing requirement used to confirm sterile products do not contain viable microorganisms before release and patient administration. Sterility testing methods must be as accurate as possible, due to their importance for medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and formulations, tissue materials, and other products that claim to be sterile or free from viable microorganisms. Otherwise any recommended methods of sterility testing membrane filtration or direct inoculation.

Antibiotic Bioassay
Antibiotic Bioassay

Demonstration of equivalent amounts of the same active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) between generic and innovator products (pharmaceutical equivalence) is a basic requirement of regulatory agencies for intravenous generic drugs prior to clinical use, and constitutes the pivotal point to assume therapeutic equivalence. Microbiological assay helps in estimating active constituents, biological activity and in monitoring the stability of antibiotics. Any small change in the antibiotic molecule, which may not be detected by chemical methods, will be revealed by a change in antimicrobial activity. Microbiological assay is very useful for resolving doubts regarding possible change in potency of antibiotics and their preparations.

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MicroLIMS is the most robust, flexible, easy to use and easy to implement LIMS solution powered by Microsoft.

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Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity of your field team and Eliminate human error.
Digital transformation from traditional paperwork into electronic collaboration enhances productivity of your field team and eliminate human error.

Improve communication

Improve communication between QA, QC, production, warehouse and top management.
CORPEX-LIMS facilitate digital management and communication timely between QC and all quality associated  departments.

Enable timely decisions

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide. In one platform your organisation can manages product specificatins and quality progress in integrated manner.

Reduce running costs

Reduce your running costs and Eliminate overheads.Cut down on review, approval and delivery times to market for all of your products. Direct communication between all quality associated departments accelerate overall productivity.

Regulatory Complies

Achieving GXP, GAMP5, & FDA requirements and Comply with multiple sets of international regulations agencies.

Document's Management

Automates and effectively manages document control as a core integrated quality suite.


From the sample registration to the final reporting, full laboratory management reporting system.

Access Log & Audit Trail

The security administrator authority possesses the ability to manage roles and user security objects.

Full Validation

Where required, we can provide validation scripts (DQ, IQ & OQ)and documentation for your records.

Data acquisition & Integration

CORPEX-LIMS supports real-time instrument interface and file sharing services. Data integrity allow integration between other firmweres.

Virtual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner.

Performance Measurements

All activities you make are stored, retrieved and analysed to measure performance in a live manner.
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