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Innovative Solution for Pharmaceutical Stability Laboratoies.

Stability Laboratory Information Solution

STABLIMS™ supports all types of stability studies which includes most recognized climatic zones. Incubation temperature and relative humidity are the essential requirements of most studies; moreover frequency of testing and acceptance pulling days should be determined to automate the workload. Determination testing intervals and infrastructure of inventory design including sample location.
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STABLIMS™ goals to manage the day to day activities of stability department either in quality, research and development boards. The integrated system complies with current medicinal product regulations; FDA, WHO, CDER, ICH, ISO and CFR 21 Part 11 to manage and automate all types of drug products. STABLIMS™ offers electronic worksheets that result in faster data entry, improve efficiency and reduce manual error. You have the advantage of complete tracking without ever having to print out anything. Our software meets up to 95% of customer requirements while still allowing the remaining 5% to be tailored to fulfill unique needs.


Enhance Productivity

Enhance productivity of your field team and Eliminate human error.
Digital transformation from traditional paperwork into electronic collaboration enhances productivity of your field team and eliminate human error.

Improve communication

Improve communication between QA, QC, production, warehouse and top management.
CORPEX-LIMS facilitate digital management and communication timely between QC and all quality associated  departments.

Enable timely decisions

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements worldwide. In one platform your organisation can manages product specificatins and quality progress in integrated manner.

Reduce running costs

Reduce your running costs and Eliminate overheads.Cut down on review, approval and delivery times to market for all of your products. Direct communication between all quality associated departments accelerate overall productivity.

Regulatory Complies

Achieving GXP, GAMP5, & FDA requirements and Comply with multiple sets of international regulations agencies.

Document's Management

Automates and effectively manages document control as a core integrated quality suite.


From the sample registration to the final reporting, full laboratory management reporting system.

Access Log & Audit Trail

The security administrator authority possesses the ability to manage roles and user security objects.

Full Validation

Where required, we can provide validation scripts (DQ, IQ & OQ)and documentation for your records.

Data acquisition & Integration

CORPEX-LIMS supports real-time instrument interface and file sharing services. Data integrity allow integration between other firmweres.

Virtual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner.

Performance Measurements

All activities you make are stored, retrieved and analysed to measure performance in a live manner.
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